Play Guitar to your favourite songs

Rock/Pop/Folk styles.

Also offer Bass Guitar and Ukulele lessons

Vocal Training



Music Production

Recording service & tuition

I am an experienced drummer and drum tutor. Specialising in various styles of drumming and learning to read drum parts.


Drum along to songs of your choice.


Become a professional drummer or play just for fun

I am a qulified sound engineer who as vast experience with studio recording in the music industry.

I specialise in music production and take pride in producing professional quality  audio productions.  


Record your songs and develop your music &

production skills and songwriting techniques


I can produce and record your songs/eps/albums.

I am an experienced vocalist with over ten years of live experience.

I offer fun one on one vocal tuition for singers at beginning and an intermediate level.


Find your singing voice,


Sing along with one on one-pop/rock vocal lessons