Garage Hill Music is a creative,unique recording studio space in London.

The brainchild of singer songwriter,producer and multi instrumentalist Jamie France and his passion for songwriting and recording music and developing new up and coming artist in the music industry


With hard work and determination Garage Hill Music is a combination of Jamie's work as a songwriter and he's passion for developing musicians and providing a platform to develop and release their music.


Jamie and Garage Hill Music continue to perfect their production skills,specialising in melody/lyrics,arrangements and producing and recording a wide range of music in various styles and genres.


Artist development


Garage Hill Music recognises raw unique talent and we are proud to offer an Artist development program to musicians that we truly believe have the potential to build a career within the music industry.

We work closely with artists on song choice, performance skills, image, social media, recording.


For demo submission and audition details please check our contact page.

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