“Hello I'm Jamie, nice to meet you.”



I am a accomplished multi instrumentalist-singer/songwriter/producer and sound engineer.

I teach guitar/ukulele/drums/bass/vocal and music tech


I also run an artist development program for talented musicians.

(Garage Hill Music & Media)


I have valuable experience as a musician playing in top quality venues all over the UK.

This has developed my confidence as a performer and established my professional work ethic.


I have over ten years experience teaching music and continue to find it very fulfilling  


I am a professional qualified music teacher,I'm always keen and willing to pass on my knowledge to inspire young and mature student's


I studied at Access to Music, gaining qualifications in Music theory, Music performance,Digital Audio, Recording Engineering. I then went on to study for a music educator qualification (PTTLS)


Whilst studying I was teaching at a local rock school.  I was working on a voluntary part-time basis, teaching children of all ages. I created lesson plans which involved monthlyperformances for the students.


I then started a full time music teacher’s scholarship at a performing art school in South London. My main role was to teach young students Guitar, Drums and Songwriting, and take them through the national curriculum and prepare them for their GCSE'S and A level music.


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Teaching methods

I am punctual, reliable and always give the full hour lesson.

On some occasions I may stay longer than an hour for no extra charge if I feel it is necessary and my time permits.  


I like to tailor-make lessons for each individual student.

I actively encourage students to pick songs they enjoy to learn as opposed to imposing songs selected by me.  All my students have the option to learn to read music but we can also structure lessons around ear training.  A mixture of both reading and ear training may also be selected and is highly recommended.  All my students spend circa 80% of their lesson playing on the instrument.    


I would like to add that practice is an essential part of learning to play, this would be your choice, but I encourage my students to practice regular as the best results can be achieved by those that do.  


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